An African Election Now Available on iTunes

We are pleased to announce that An African Election is now available for digital purchase on iTunes via our partnership with The Sundance Institute.

This is a very big step for us and we hope that the release will create more avenues to positively impact the building of democracy in Africa and beyond. We are also releasing the soundtrack from the film via our own record label – Urban Republic Records!

The journey of this film continues to surprise me over and over. Was I prepared for this? No! I thought that after 4 years since the release I would be releasing my next film. Never did I dream of the social and political impact An African Election would have. I have been most fortunate to travel, learn, and see with my own eyes what is out there. And so, the film continues its journey.

Please be so kind and help us spread the word of the Sundance release. Tell family, friends, and people you believe might be genuinely interested.
For digital downloads (US):  iTunes
For educational screenings: Cinema Guild
For purchases UK / Europe: Dogwoof

Once again, we couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks so much!