Imagine a movie theater on wheels that makes a journey through Africa to share a film and a vision of African democracy.  An African Election, was filmed with this journey in mind–to support Africans who want to be part of creating their own future. In August 2012, we will launch A Political Safari- a mobile-cinema democracy and voter education outreach project in Africa.  “Safari” in Swahili means journey, and we invite you and your community to join us on our journey to support our friends and neighbors in Africa.


We start our tour in Ghana, whose people are holding crucial elections this fall. We then travel to nine other African countries where we will join with local experts and international partners to develop workshops and voter resources that support and facilitate dialogue across ideological, socio-economic and ethnic boundaries- especially for youth, women, and those living in marginalized communities.  There can be no progress without political stability, and this grassroots tour will support all African’s right to participate in their own political process.


We can’t do this alone! Here are some ways you can get involved and help us create a lasting impact.

We rely on donations to create lasting impact in Africa. Every dollar counts and will go towards reaching more communities and countries.

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